T-shirt horribly wrinkled by seatbelt in fatal car accident


TULSA, OKLA. – A T-shirt worn by 22-year-old Gerald Miller sustained devastating wrinkles from his seatbelt in a five-car pileup that killed him and his three passengers. “The silver lining is that his friends’ shirts looked fresh from the dryer due to their not wearing any seatbelts. At least we were spared that sight,” said Sgt. Omar Scott, the first police officer on the scene. Miller was not so lucky. The front of his shirt suffered a diagonal line of deep creases from the twisted seatbelt, which he had failed to straighten out when he first got in the car. Blood from a head wound – sustained when the collapsing roof pinched his cranium into a penny shape – splattered too far right to tamp down the gruesome wrinkles, reported forensics experts. “If he’d just taken time to un-kink that seatbelt, his poor mom wouldn’t be receiving a wrinkled shirt in a bag today,” said Harriet Studebaker of the TPD forensics unit, shaking her head. “When will people learn?”


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