Post-It notes on mirror lift man’s spirits by blocking his reflection

DALLAS – Dozens of encouraging notes posted by Hector Romero on his bathroom mirror help lift his spirits every morning by visually shielding him from the sad reflection of his own hideous form. “‘You are a person of value,’” Romero says to himself daily, reading a yellow note that blocks out his even yellower aging flesh. Another message, “Live like you’ll die tomorrow; learn like you’ll live forever,” inspires Romero by distracting him from the fact that he looks like he already has lived forever. The notes – which include other platitudes like “GO FOR IT!!!,” “You’re doing better than you once were, some things considered,” “Go for it?” and “Whatever you do, don’t look at the spaces between Post-It notes” – have motivated Romero to put on a new face while obscuring the living autopsy that time is performing on his real face. “This is the best thing I’ve done since I bought that white-noise machine to drown out my sobbing,” Romero said. “Those are the only two good things I’ve ever done.”


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